Getting Started

Travel Display features one of a kind computerised algorithms to display local bus, train and tube times as well as National Rail.

With full customisation, such as additional features and dashboard utilisation, you can make Travel Display your own and provide a simple but user friendly alternative travel method to all customers and clients alike.

Get started with Travel Display by creating an account below.

Get Started

Account Tiers

Travel Display currently features 2 account tiers with more to be added soon to enhance your experiance.

Free Tier
  • 1 Location
  • Random Advertisements
  • Random Messages
Paid Tier
  • 3 Locations
  • Custom Advertisements
  • Custom Messages
  • Travel Disruptions


Travel Display allows for simple and fast account creation.

Creating an Account

  1. Enter Username
  2. Enter Email Address
  3. Enter Password
  4. Choose Account Type
  5. You are now ready to use Travel Display!

Adding Locations

Travel Display alows for both precision location picking whilst remaining simple for all to use.

Add a Location

  1. Go to the User Page by logging in or pressing the "Control Panel" button when logged in
  2. Simply Click the "ADD A LOCATION" button located in the "Locations" Column

Register a Location

  1. Enter the desired name of Location
  2. Enter a Post Code
  3. Set distance
  4. Enter desired number of rows and columns

Selecting Stops

  1. Once details have been entered, scroll down to the section shown above
  2. Drag and Drop the desired stops you wish to be displayed
  3. Click "Save Location"

Adding a Background Image (Premium)

  1. A premium account plan must first be pruchased in order to select a background image
  2. Click "Choose file"
  3. Select the image you wish to use (Must be .png, .jpg or .gif)
  4. Click "Upload"
  5. Click "Save Location"

Viewing your Locations

Once locations have been registered they can be viewed from your User Page with the click of a Button.

Add a Website

  1. Simply Click the "View Location" button on the desired location
  2. Enjoy your Travel Display experiance!