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You can change account types at any time, although once a direct debit has been taken for the month then this takes effect for the whole month and is non-refundable.

All Direct Debits are taken by GoCardless, you can cancel at any time (through us, GoCardless or your bank). You will receive a confirmation e-mail 3 days before any direct debits are taken.

Although we do our utmost to ensure everything is up-to-date and works smoothly, Henson IT Solutions cannot accept any liability for any problems caused by use this application. Data Feeds are provided by TFL and National Rail, any problems with these data feeds are beyond our control.

PRIVACY NOTICE - the TravelDisplay web-site stores your username, e-mail address and any preferences and options you select. None of this information is ever disclosed to any 3rd party. If you register for the Premium version, additional details you provide will be stored by GoCardless for Direct Debit administration. Some of these details (but not your account number or sort code) can be viewed by Henson IT Solutions as part of routine administration.

We will only ever use your e-mail address for password resets, and very occasional e-mails directly relating to TravelDisplay. If you do not want to receive these occasional e-mails please don't tick the second box below. All other information you provide is stored for your personal viewing, or viewing by anyone you share the TravelDisplay link with.

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